Order Returns

Order Returns

 The Order Return policy states all the existing norms that are created for those who want to return the received products to us and/or they want a refund back if something goes wrong. Kindly read the forthcoming paragraphs to get all the information.

We accept the commodities’ returns if the consumer got the wrong products in terms of size/quantity, count, or expiry date. It might also happen that something else is received which does not match the original purchase. Moreover, if the products are found broken or leaked, then also the buyer is eligible to claim for returns and refunds in such cases.

On the contrary, we DO NOT accept the consumers’ returns if the products are found perfectly fine in all sense. Therefore, we can’t accept the returns if the customer simply wants to return due to a change of mind.

It is possible that the buyer writes an incomplete or wrong address, which may lead to failed delivery. One cannot ask for refunds in such a case. Although highly unlikely, yet if the mentioned postal address was correct and complete along with the area code and still the products go missing, then the buyer is totally eligible to claim for refunds.

No matter the case, one should send us back the products (if they have) in their original condition so that we properly investigate for genuineness. Once the claims are found to be true, we provide a refund that equals the cost of the products at the time of purchase. Please note that we do not provide the refund of your packing, handling, and shipping charges that you might have spent during the returns.

The refunds are reflected with an immediate effect right after the authenticity has been proven. However, the credit card company would probably take more time, say 10 to 15 days, to reflect the credited money. If that takes more than that, kindly contact the concerned parties.

In case of cancellation, we allow it once if the commodities are not dispatched yet, which typically happens if the cancellation request has been posted within the first 24 hours. It may also happen that the merchandise is already sent even if that has been requested quite early. In the latter case as well, the cancellation cannot be entertained. If the product is already canceled, it can’t be repurchased. Moreover, we do not permit to cancel the products more than once, even if it is another product.

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