My Journey

My Wellness Journey


Back in 2018, I started feeling very weak. I wasn’t able to give time to my family and work as much as I wanted to. Because of diabetes, I had high cholesterol and hypertension. For almost 8 years, I had been taking 5 types of prescribed drugs, and my A1C was the same 8.8. It was just regulating everything. I had no idea that in what way these drugs were effecting my vital organs.

After a lot of research regarding fighting diabetes, I finally came across a video of King’s Herbal recommended by a friend. I was nervous because it was my first time to take pure herbal supplements. The taste was bitter, but I didn’t stop because I wanted to get well. So, I continued taking it every day, 30ml, 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach. After 5 days, my blood sugar reading went down from 330 to 186! Wow! And no side effects! Only bitter taste. I still continued to take my prescribed medications with King’s herbal and was able to eat foods that I love like white rice, meat every day, fast-food, coffee from Starbucks, you name it!

But I wanted more from life! My ultimate goal was to eliminate diabetes from life. With King’s herbal supplement, my diabetes was lowering, but I wanted to eliminate it from my life in a natural and holistic way. So, I started researching again and came across some useful links that led me to videos of Doc Atoie, a missionary Naturopathic Doctor. I took several Zynergia natural supplements products as prescribed. I monitored my blood sugar and blood pressure every day.

I felt like I was getting better, and the readings in my blood were getting better too. Blood pressure and blood sugar were getting normal. My A1C went down from 8.2 to 5.4. No more diabetes. From that point on, I said to myself; I have to continue doing this and do something to share it with others.

I am totally free from this enslaving disease called diabetes, but it doesn’t mean that I stop the herbal treatment. I continued to take my herbal supplements and believed in holistic wellness. Now I consume a balanced diet, which helps me stay fit and active. The money I use to spend on expensive medications, I use the same money for my education because I believe that through proper education, I might help others.

Now we are in the age of COVID- 19, and because of the virus outbreak, I was offloaded from my job, but I took it positively and followed my passion for helping others. So I came up with the idea of a website through which every other person can help those who want to seek a holistic approach to wellness. Let us all help one another in these times to be healthy and well so that we can spend quality time with our family and friends, be efficient in our job, serve our country, and pay forward all the blessings that we received.  My journey of helping others to achieve wellness has just begun.